APAC Volleyball Rules

I. Rule Book

A.  F.I.V.B – Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (latest edition) with APAC exceptions:
B.  Exceptions:

1.  The 3-ball system must be used. Appropriate staffing to manage this system is a requirement.
2.  The warm-up routine must be the following: 5 minutes with both teams on court, 5 minutes for the serving team to use the court, 5 minutes for the receiving team to use the court.
3.  All APAC volleyball games will be played with the Mikasa© Blue-White-Yellow – MBL 200, MVP 200, MVA 200 or MLV 200. Warm-up balls are the choice of the host school.
4.  APAC will not use technical timeouts as indicated in the FIVB rules. (APRIL 2016)

C.  All score sheets used at APAC Volleyball Championships should be official FIVB Score sheets.
D.  Copies of score sheets are to be available to coaches upon request. (October 2012)
E.  At APAC Super Tournaments, separate Sportsmanship Awards will be given. (One for the Asia Division and one for the Pacific Division.) (October 2011)

Ground Rules

A.  The tournament will be governed by ground rules, which are instituted by the host school.
B.  Line judges are recommended for all matches, and mandatory for the semi’s and finals for each tournament. (October 2007)
C.  APAC will not allow video review, in any sport, for officiating purposes. (APRIL 2013)
D.  That scheduled games may be moved forward at the discretion of the host tournament director (shotgun format)—for the overall good of the tournament. (OCTOBER 2014)

APAC Travelling Squad

12 players

Tournament Format

The following is the APAC Volleyball Format.

A.  A round robin is played to establish a seeding for the 12 teams to enter a play-off round. 
B.  The round-robin phase of the tournament will be best 2 out of 3 sets with each of the 3 sets going to 25 points (win by at least two points, no ceiling). If a third set is necessary, there will be a coin toss to determine serve. Teams will then switch sides at 13 points.

C.  A shotgun-scheduling format may be used in order to make up time. Each Tournament Director has the flexibility to establish the shot gun format.

D.  All scheduled matches in an APAC team sport tournament must be played, weather permitting. Request for forfeits may not be entertained. (APRIL 2013)

E.  The APAC Tournament matrix will be used to determine the round-robin match-ups.
F.  Advantage seeding for single elimination tournaments with six entries will be used for the play-offs (i.e. 1 vs. bye, 5 vs. 4, 3 vs. 6, bye vs. 2).

G.  Play-off matches are standard FIVB 3 out of 5-game format.

H.  All round-robin games and the first two elimination play-off games (Game 1 – 2) will take place on days 1 and 2 of the tournament.
I.  Teams forced into a back-to-back game situation during the transition from the round robin to play-offs, are given a 30-minute rest period before the 15 minute warm-up begins.
J.  On day 3 of the tournament, the remaining elimination games will be played (Game 3 – 7).
K.  There will always be 15 minutes warm-up before each match.

APAC Tiebreaker Procedure

A.  Head-to head result
B.  Set differential between tied teams
C.  Point differential between tied teams
D.  Set differential between all teams
E.  Point differential between all teams
F.  Coin toss

APAC Tiebreaker Procedure
2. Head to head
Each sport will have a sport-specific tiebreaker procedure. When head to head results in APAC team sport tiebreaker protocol does not settle a three or more team tie, we do not go back to head to head after a point-differential (or its sport specific equivalent) solution has become evident. (In the event point-differential totals or its sport specific equivalent, are a tie between two schools, head to head results will decide promotion) (APRIL 2014)